Durability trials


Thank you for helping us make better dog toys!

Here at K9 Connectables headquarters we are trying our best to make the most intellectually challenging toys that challenge your dog's mind and keeps them busy working for tasty treats. By participating in these trials you can help us improve the durability of our toys and in turn help other dogs and owners around the world!

Please bear in mind this is a durability test designed to find out how tough a new material we are trialling is. Therefore please supervise your dog at all times when playing with these samples.


What to do?

As you have contacted us in the past about the durability of our toys you and your dog have been selected to help us test new stronger materials we are trialling.

Give the toys to your dog and let them do their worst! Please then fill in the below survey and lets see if we can make a stronger toy! 

*Please do not fill out the forms until you feel your dog has had a thorough going over with the toys over the course of a few days.

Name *
(1 = not durable at all 10 = Extremely durable)
(1 = not durable at all 10 = Extremely durable)